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Below the Italian language courses that are taught at Parola language school.

Group Italian Courses

Combined Italian Courses

Individual Italian Course

Allegro - 80 hours

Vivace - 100 hours

Piano - 2 hours a day

Molto Allegro - 120 hours

Presto - 120 hours

Maestoso - 4 hours a day

Mini-Group 5 - 80 hours

Allegretto - 92 hours

Con Brio - 6 hours a day

Andante - 40 hours

Course CILS - 100 hours

Prestissimo - 8 hours a day

Pronunciation -12 hours

Tre Volte (3 times) - 24 hours

With or Without Lunch

Alla Pari - 24 hours

Tre Volte Plus (3 times) - 48 hours

With Lunch

Italian and cooking

A Tempo (20 hs + 10 hs individuals)

Without Lunch

Tono - 40 hours

Minuetto - 40 hours (Conversation)


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Specification of Language Courses (Duration and alternative choices)

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In case you want to enroll for supplementary courses with the school Parola, please, write down your course choice.

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Accommodation With Our Italian Language School in Florence

In case you want the school Parola to provide accommodation in Florence together with the course enrollment.



Family with breakfast
Family with breakfast and dinner

Single Room    Double Room

Room in a student apartment  + use of kitchen

Single Room   Double Room

My own apartment


Hotel** Hotel***

Single Room   Double Room

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