Fine tune your writing skills with our creative writing classes in Florence.

Creative Writing Course in Florence with Parola

Creative wrting in Florence

Purpose of Our Writing Courses in Florence

Our writing courses are intended to help participants discover their own narrative identity, their style and their themes in writing a novel.

Our teacher will try to provide tools to carry it forward faster student's writing abilities and address the problems and difficulties that may arise.

Writing and creativity

Creativity and the ability to express themselves with the written word, as all human abilities can be trained, guided, advised, stimulated.

Our courses are aimed at addressing creative writing from a practical point of view, working on text, narrative processes, techniques that enable us to shape the "incandescent magma" that we would like to express.

The student is supposed to create a written form that brings the core of his ideas alive and intact to the reader.

Our Course For Writing a Story

Parola school offers a creative writing course called "Write a story".

This creative course "Writing a story" last 30 hours, and it is divided into 10 lessons, 3 hours each.

There must be a minumun of 3 students for the course to be activated.

How and where is the creative writing course "Writing a story"

The course aims to guide each and every participant in the writing of a short story. Through exercises, tips, work on the text and thanks to the comparison with the group and the teacher, you will show the main writing techniques and learn how to master them.

Participants will have the ability to write, develop their text, overcome the blocks, and tackle the difficulties through personalized exercises.

The course will take place at the premises of the Parola school in the historic center of Florence, near Piazza Santa Croce at these times.

Our Course Program: "Write a story"

  • Ideas: how to find the right story

  • From idea to texture: overcoming block of white sheet

  • First drafts: the material to begin with

  • Documenting, annotating, inventing

  • The core of the text: the climax and the mother scene

  • What does a work say? The question of meaning in literature

  • Rewrite: how to focus the story

  • When is a second or a third draft required?

  • Editing and revisions: cut, move, modify

  • Latest touches: squatting and presenting. The publishing market

Every week there is a class

Every week there is a class of 3 hours. Our course, which consists of 30 hours, will be completed in 10 weeks.

What are the requirements?

Open to all aspiring writers, young or old, experienced or just getting started.

Location: Parola Language School, Borgo Sante Croce, 4-- 50122, Florence, Italy

For information, contact Parola school, Tel. 055 242182 - [email protected].

Course Price and Payment Methods

Our writing course (30 hours) costs 250 euros per person. To register we ask for a down payment of 50 Euros.

How to enroll in the course

To subscribe to the course, you will need to pay a deposit of 50 euros. This payment can be made by bank transfer, or by going to the school Parola:

Borgo Santa Croce, 4
50122 Florence
Please call us for further information at 055/242182.

Finalizing payment for lessons

The remaining 200 euros can be paid on the starting day at the reception of the Italian language school Parola in Florence.

Contact Parola School For More Information

Contact our school in Florence for more information about our creative writing programs. We will reply to you quickly to provide you with information on the dates, prices and didactics.

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