Parola school offers Italian language courses in combination with art classes in the historic center of Florence.

Italian Courses and Art in Florence at Parola

Students with an art teacher in Florence

Our Language Programs in Florence Combined with Art Courses

Parola Italian Language School offers a painting or watercolor art technique courses in the afternoon or, upon request, at an arranged time according to the student's need.

The painting or watercolor course may be taken by itself or co-ordinated with any of our Italian language courses, as a supplementary class in the historic center of Florence for a comprehensive Italian immersion experience and to get to know Italian art in a studio of a Florentine painter.

Dedicated Art Course for Au Pairs in Florence

Parola language school also provides a light art course offered specifically to Au Pairs who learn Italian in Florence.

The art programs are utilized not only by our language students, but are also chosen by additional art technique lovers interested in non-intensive art lessons to learn painting, drawing or watercolor techniques.

Parola language school offers these art courses at affordable prices in the historical center of Florence with an opportunity to paint and draw outdoors, in the art center of the city.

About the Art Course with Parola Italian Language School

The painting/watercolor lessons at Parola Italian language school are designed for absolute beginners, but are also beneficial to students who already have some intermediate knowledge of these art techniques. Our professor will focus on the following techniques based on the chosen mode of artistic study.

The professor will also organize a program that includes both indoor sessions and outdoor sessions in the historic center based on the preferences of the students.

  • Copy from sculpture

  • Study from reality: the landscape

  • Study from life: the human figure

  • Introduction to Portrait

Italian Language in the Morning and Drawing in the Afternoon in Florence

Parola school's art courses are usually offered in the afternoon after 2 pm at our headquarters in Florence. This schedule allows the art courses to easily be combined with all levels of our Italian Language courses.

For example:

  • Three or five mornings per week, participate in the Italian language lessons either in a group or an individual class

  • Two afternoons per week, take lessons in the painting or watercolor technique also taught at our school in Florence

Alternate times and individual training may also be available for the art courses upon request.

Prices of the Italian Language Courses with Italian in Florence

Our drawing classes are mostly one-on-one sessions. Parola school offers individual drawing lessons, priced at €30 per hour with a minimum 4 hour-course.

Price of Our Art lessons
Price of Our Italian Lessons
Total Price of Italian and Art
1 week 4 hours € 120 + 1 week 20 hours € 210
2 weeks 8 hours € 240 + 2 weeks 40 hours € 320
3 weeks 12 hours € 360 + 3 weeks 60 hours € 420
4 weeks 16 hours € 450 + 4 weeks 80 hours € 510

Note: The cost of the materials is not included in the course fee. Material prices for painting varies from 50 euros to 100 euros. The art material will be suggested by our teacher.

Art Course for Au Pairs in Florence

€70 - 2 hours per week on either Tuesdays or Thursdays - total of 10 hours over 5 weeks

Note: The cost of materials for the art course is not included.

This course is specifically-tailored to Au Pairs. We also offer special class times and prices tailored to Au Pairs working in Tuscany for our Italian language program in Florence.

Materials for the Art Course at Parola School

Parola school offer various modalities for the art courses; however, the student must choose prior to the beginning of class. Materials that will be needed included canvases, oil colors, and brushes.

Our art teacher will give suggestions to the student on which painting or watercolor material to buy for practicing in class.

Why take Art Courses In Florence with Parola?

Historically, the achievements in Italian art are immense and renowned all over the world. Follow in the footsteps of the great Italian artists, from Leonardo to Botticelli and Michelangelo. Therefore, for students who love art in general, an art course in Florence is a "must."

Enrollment for Our Art Courses Combined with Italian in Florence

You can enroll in Parola's art courses by filling out the registration form or contacting Parola school directly.

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