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Friends at the Italian school Parola entrance in Florence

Parola School's Language Friends and Partner Websites

Our Italian language school in Florence is affiliated with additional schools and institutions allowing Parola to offer suggestions for language schools in Italy as well as throughout the world.

Read below to discover other language institutes or tour organizations which operate in Tuscany or Italy as a whole. Click the web addresses of our partners and friends below to discover additional available learning opportunities.

Also, if you would like to exchange links with Parola school, fill out our contact exchange form.

Links and Descriptions of Our Friends' Activities For Learning Italian

Società Dante Alighieri

Schools for promoting the Italian language and the Italian culture throughout the world

Study Abroad Program

Choice of Language courses for adults and students to study abroad with a wide range of carefully selected language schools.

Web site dedicated to Italy and its foreign connections through culture, society and history


Aupair Online is a safe and inexpensive place though which you can travel, get to know new cultures, and meet new people.
Aupair Online is not an agency for a career, but simply a website to facilitate cultural exchanges between families and youth from all parts of the world.

Classes Online

Classes Online will help you improve your skills and get a degree

Language related directory

To learn Italian in Italy

All the information needed for education

One World Italian

Online site for Italian language exercises

A recognized school on the Grands Boulevards offering French courses all year round

Web Directory - Florence

Language section for Italian classes in Florence

Institutes for finding the correct course of education

The Language Directory

Italian Language Schools in Florence

Traveling in Tuscany While Learning Italian

Submit Travel URL Directory

A wide selection of travel websites offering travel packages, guides and additional helpful information (submit your URL to this directory)

La "Giunchiglia" Tour Organization offers guided tours in Lucca and surrounding areas in many languages including Russian and Swedish to discover the beauty of this Tuscan city

Travel and Language Directory

Worldwide travel sites and resources for hotels, airlines, tourism bureaus, state tourism offices, language schools, language dictionaries and more

Urlaub in Italien

Bianconiglio Web Directory

Travel and Language Directory

Worldwide travel sites and resources for hotels, airlines, tourism bureaus, state tourism offices, language schools, language dictionaries and more

Education in Italy and Worldwide

International Education Financial Aid (IEFA)
Hansa Language Centre
Language Courses - Languages Romance offers language courses of the most recognized and accredited language schools for people interested to learn a new language abroad in the country in which the language is spoken.
Learn Italian On-the-Go
Robb: Human Languages
Learning HQ
Escuela Delengua
Studio Facile
Educazione & Scuola
Linguas & Linguas
Academic Info
IMAC Spanish Language School in Mexico
Cyber Italian Adults
General Education Online

Parola su Mister Imprese

The Language Directory

Contact Parola Italian Language School

For further information about our activity, please contact Parola Italian language school at its headquarters in Florence.

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