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Young Adult Writing Workshop in Florence

Workshop at Parola Language School

Young Adult Writing Workshop in Florence

Instructor: Lynn Joseph

Course Description

Why Young Adult Books? In today’s publishing world, Young Adult Fiction is the top-selling category. These stories appeal not only to teens on the brink of adulthood, but also to adults who identify with the struggles of love, friendship, self-identity, and self-acceptance that teenagers face every day.

Young adult novels come in all genres making it a unique form for writers to explore their stories and ideas. Thinking like a teen helps, (we were all teens once), but finding the emotional truth and core of your story is most significant. This class teaches you how to find the deep, emotional core of your story and develop it into a full manuscript.

I will reveal what makes Young Adult novels today's most exciting genre, and show you how to use the techniques of top-selling authors to create your own novel.

What Will You Learn In Our Creative Writing Workshop

Step by step, you'll learn and practice how to:
• Outline Your Story
• Build Strong Main and Secondary Characters
• Pin Point the Best Viewpoint for your Story
• Create a Vibrant Narrative Voice
• Give Your Characters Concrete Goals
• Find Your Main Character’s Inner and Outer Desires
• Discover Your Story’s Emotional Truth to Connect with Readers
• Create Memorable Scenes (a book is a series of scenes)
• Develop Four Types of Obstacles to Challenge Your Characters
• Build Vivid Settings
• Pace Your Story
• Polish Your Manuscript

Whether this is your first Young Adult novel or you're an experienced author looking for new techniques, this Young Adult Fiction Writing Workshop offers tools for building your writing craft.

Enroll Now in Our Young Adult Writing Workshop

Join us as we explore the magic of young adult fiction and be ready to write, write, write. The class will be taught in two full day sessions. Bring your writing tools, laptop, pen and paper, and your inner teenager.

Cost: $70 Euros per full day session.

Please enroll early as classes are limited to 12 students.

Two Class Dates:

November 12, 2016, 10:00 to 17:00
November 19, 2016, 10:00 to 17:00

Location: Parola Language School, Borgo Sante Croce, 4-- 50122, Florence, Italy

For information, contact Parola school, Tel. 055 242182 - or contact Lynn Joseph directly via:

What are the requirements?

Open to all aspiring writers, young or old, experienced or just getting started.

Biography of Lynn Joseph

Lynn Joseph is the author of numerous, award-winning books for children and young adults, including the young adult novels, The Color of My Words (pub. by HarperCollins, 2000), Editor of I Wish I Could Tell You: Bermuda Anthology of Children’s Literature & Young Adult Stories, (pub. in 2012); Flowers in the Sky, (pub. by HarperCollins, 2013); Dancing in the Rain, (pub. by Blouse & Skirt Books, July 2016).

Lynn Joseph was Bermuda’s 2011 Writer in Residence, where she taught workshops to adult writers on writing for children and young adults.

She founded and taught at the Writers’ Studio of Bermuda. Ms. Joseph graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Writing for Children & Young Adults from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, in Montpelier, Vermont, USA, and teaches writing workshops online and at literary festivals around the world.

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